ValuesEnabler Projects

All Values Enabler projects have the features of an impact investment system that has the ability to deliver both financial and non-financial impact through a measurable evidence-based quantifiable assessment? Values Enabler has carefully researched the best in class methodologies, instruments and current technologies to deliver democratized equity investment.

The projects of which of the potential features to include in Values Enabler specific implementation is dependent on the vision, the regulatory framework of the chosen jurisdiction, the target timescale and the funding available. The market is extremely dynamic and fluid with some significant risks associated with a sometimes unpredictable regulatory intervention.

Values Enabler provides turnkey management of platforms to allow this process to take place seamlessly, efficiently and at a minimal comparative cost.

1. Values Enabler Projects

Exchanging financial and non-financial
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2. Seratio Bank

The world’s first Innovative banking ecosystem, for both financial and non-financial values. Enriching and empowering people.
Seratio bank is like other banks that will deal with financial assets, but we also bank non-financial assets and allow transactions between them. This unique feature and flexibility deliver tangible returns including elusive intangible returns.

With Seratio bank you can bank, money, land, property, gold, diamonds. But also soft assets like art, carbon trading, infrastructure, knowledge, excess capacity and even nation’s happiness, impact, empowerment and hope.

The bank will have the ability to provide a single number index score of social value that can be applied to any commercial or public organisation, any community, region, sector and even to individuals account business holders.

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A conceptual study has been done for all the above projects and is available on request.