ValuesEnabler Consultancy

Values Enabler LTD consultancy service and the think tank, teams are comprised of some of the most distinguished international thought leaders, thinkers,  trainers, lectures, coaches  and advocates of bolckchain and value based education and social value.

We believe the link between human values based education, professional development, blockchain technology, emerging technology and entrepreneur skills will enhance the life of all people especially young people. We care deeply about young people and their futures.

Values Enabler LTD and our sister company Rothbadi & Co, bring together 100 years of academic and business experience in consultancy and advising public and private sectors.

Rothbadi & Co. is the first global consultancy born out of a think tank and out of academic research. They have designed an innovative implementation of blockchain which integrates financial and non-financial values. They specialize on large scale blockchain projects. They are also focused on Blockchain education and research, Blockchain & Crypto investment analytics and advice. 

All our consultancy services will be provided and delivered through our sister company Rothbadi & Co.