About ValuesEnabler

Most of today’s governments political and business leaders, particularly in the economic and business area, are daunting challenges:

  • Dealing with climate change
  • Restoring stability to the financial markets
  • Solving the problem of extreme national debt
  • Reducing the persistently gigantic disparities between economies
  • Eliminating poverty and the extreme gap between rich and poor
  • Solving the problem of resource shortages, particularly through the transition to renewable energy
  • Developing a sustainable economy that is compatible with ecology in all areas

These governments and political leaders’ don´t have the appropriate instruments and tools on hand to meet the enormous challenges that lay ahead.

Values enabler has the tools and solutions that will enable governments and political leaders to diffuse and establish new “value based economy”, “value based society” models. The laws of economics are not laws of nature. They are man-made and can be reoriented towards enriching people and nations again, if the majority of governments and society were to support such a change.

ValuesEnabler is a social enterprise that will enrich nations. It is a company to equip governments, corporates and civil societies with tools to enable social values through a financial instrument. The company has access to a range of 4th generation technologies in blockchain, AI, IoT and social innovation to measure, transact and deliver value across the globe.

The principle method is to first assess value, whether hard financial assets or soft non- financial assets, on a common basis. Through tokenization, such tangible or intangible assets can be represented on a common platform and using blockchain both kinds of assets can be transacted seamlessly. Finally using Artificial Intelligence the delivery of the value is automated aligning the values of both investors and investees.

Values Enabler limited is part of the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) and private partners.

The Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) is the world’s leading think tank on the movement of value. Established in the UK with academic networks across Europe, Asia and the Americas, we have developed a vision for a Circular economy based on Values. Since 2011, our experts have provided financial and non-financial metrics which underpin global legislation and have become internationally recognised as a standard.

The unique feature of the Values Enabler Ltd is the ability to deliver social values projects and capture the financial assets, micro shares and provenance of transactions involving people, products, processes, projects and organisations. The delivery of the applications of these social valves and intangible metrics that have been developed by CCEG, has now been ceded to Values Enabler Ltd.


The Founders

Mr Muftah Benomran

Professor Olinga Taeed

Think Tank
Our think tank team comprises of some of the most distinguished International Thought Leaders and Advocates of non-financial and social value. Collectively providing a power house of intellect and capability to influence political, economic and social development

Associates and partners
Each VSEL Associate and partners are actively engaged in developing, research and/or consulting in the field of intangible and tangible value.

The Board is responsible for the over-arching strategy of the company and the think tank for its governance and operations

Board of advisors
The board members are selected for their professional, business and academic expertise across varied sectors.

Our team of staff drive the development and research of our work delivery of the projects, the promotion and publicity of the think tank and pursue new alliances to expand the global audience we reach.