Why Values Enabler
Most of today governments and political and business leaders, particularly in the
economic and business area, are a daunting challenge:

  • Dealing with claimant change
  • Restoring stability to the financial markets
  • Solving the problem of extreme national debt
  • Reducing the persistently gigantic disparities between economies
  • Eliminating poverty and the extreme gap between rich and poor
  • Solving the problem of resource shortages, particularly through the transition
    to renewable energy
  • Developing a sustainable economy that is compatible with ecology in all areas

These governments and political leaders’ don´t have the appropriate instruments and
tools on hand to meet the enormous challenges that lay ahead.
Values enabler has the tools and solutions that will enable governments and political
leaders to diffuse and establish new “value based economy”, “value based
society” models. The laws of economics are not laws of nature. They are man-
made and can be reoriented towards enriching people and nations again, if the
majority of governments and society were to support such a change.!